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Gary Paulsen had two children with 3 wifes. Gracie
In 1985 he suffered an attack of angina after his second iditarod and was forced to give up his dogs.Timmy
Gary Paulsen Loved science fiction when he was a kid.
Gary Paulsen had at least 175 books wrtien. (Kylie B.)
Gary competed in six Iditarod races. Pat L.
Gary Paulsen was the 4th most popular children's author.(Kylie B.)
In 1966, Gary Paulsen published his first book The Special War. (Derek M)
Gary Paulsen traveled a lot. Anessia B
In 1972 Gary attened the University of Colorado. Erin
gary paulsen did not know if he would be able to run the iditarod do to injuries. mitchell
Gary Paulsen didn't like reading until his public librarian gave him a library card. Dylan Wiese
Gary paulsen was born on may 17 1939 (Derek M)
He suffered a heart attack in 1990 (Gunnar A).