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The following is a list of books that Gary Paulsen has written.
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Harris and Me. mitchell

Hatchet This story is about a Boy named Brian Robeson who has to live in the wild for a couple months. Read the book and find out more!!! Gracie! =]]

The River, 1991, RA/Children's Book Council - 1991 Parents Magazine Best Book of the Year - 1991 Jazmyn H.

Gary Paulsen wrote a book called Harris and Me. This book is about a city boy that moves to a farm to live with is cousin Harris for that summer!! This book is entertaining and will have you laughing out loud!! Elizabeth

Gary Paulsen did many sequals to the book Hatchet like, Brian's Winter, The River, and Brain's Hunt. (Megan)

Gary's first book was the Special War. Kelly W.

Gary Paulsen's first Newbery Honor book was Dogsong. First published on 4-1-1985 by Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers. Dylan W.

Brian's Winter is a sequel to Hatchet. C 1996 Erin

The Crossing, 1987, ALA Notable Best Book - 1987. Jazmyn H.

Brian's Return , Brian Robenson goes back into the wild on his chioce just for fun and experiences many great adventures. Grant

Tucket's Ride, Francis Tucket gets into trouble with the police and the Comancheros. Pat L.

Call me Francis Tucket Francis tries to find a wagon train and on his way finds 2 little kids he needs to save. Timmy

Nightjohn-A new slave named Nightjohn comes into work and causes lots of trouble while trying to teach slaves. Timmy