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Below is a list of "our" favorite Gary Paulsen books.
Please write the book title and why you like this book.

Harris and Me
I really enjoyed reading Harris and Me because the main characters are always doing crazy things that I would never think of doing. I also thought the book had a great meaning. Me had no family and felt alone in the beginning, but at the end he finally found a place to belong. (Ms. Long)

I enjoyed this book because it is adventurous and exciting and at some times is scary. I encourage many people to read this book. Grant Capture the Dream

The Transall Saga
Marks life has been turned upside down when mysteriously ends up in a weird land. By Tristan .

Mr. Tucket In 5th grade I had to read this book. It was very interesting. It was interesting because Francis Tucket had to to try to survive by traveling across the Oregon Trail with a man he had never met!

Hatchet I enjoyed this book because I like adventure books. Brian has to survive in the forest until he is rescued! Gary Paulsen did a great job writing this book and I enjoyed it very much!

Night John
I really enjoyed night john because it really taught me about slavery and it was very informative book. Gracie=]]

Brian's winter because the book is about if Brian didn't get rescued. Mitchell

Hatchet I liked this book because it has a really good point of view{how Brian had to survive}. Rashmi

The River I liked this book because it tells how Brian has to survive again in the wilderness, but with a friend. Dylan W.

Dog Song I liked this book because it shows how Russell had to survive by hunting and how he is loving by taking care of the dogs. Rashmi

The River The River is great because if you didn't read Hatchet it is exactly what happenned in Hatchet except a little different. This book has a wild adventrue when something happens to Brian's friend. Timmy

//Tucket's Ride//, Francis Tucket gets into trouble with the police and the Comancheros. Pat L.