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Hello 6th Graders!

We will be using this wikispace for many different units of study throughout the year. Everyone will be able to add, edit, link, delete, and much more to all these pages once you have been coached on proper wiki use.
As you scroll down, you will see links to more pages. There are links for most 6th grade subjects.
This wiki is intended to be used by you, the students, to learn more about the ideas we are studying. You can access information on homework by visiting, Ms. Long's blog

Below are a few units of study that have multiple pages linked to them to assist in your learning, have fun exploring!

Visit the Egypt book Wikipage to add and read historically correct facts that were found in various anciet Egypt literature books.
Link to Egypt Book Page egypt.jpgpyramids.jpg

Visit the Gary Paulsen Page to read information on his life, his books, and so much more!
Link to Gary Paulsen Page

Visit the ever changing Science pages
Link to Science Pages
A little preview video of something you will be learning about within our science curriculum!

Friday Feast Page

6th Grade Language Arts

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